DEC was established in 1994 as an independant consulting services practice for the development and engineering built environment. Our company is wholly owned by Previously Disadvantaged Individuals (PDI). We operate in all nine provinces across SA, both independently and in association with our synergistic professional practices. DEC actively and vigorously supports the promotion of Historically Disadvantaged Individuals (HDI) in association with other firms in the field.

Construction Industry Development

DEC is committed to investment and improvement in the people who directly contribute their skills and hard work to its growth and development of the construction industry as a whole. We hold the view that involvement by black individuals and black enterprises in the furtherance of transformation and in pursuit of excellence, will serve as a role model worthy of emulation by other companies to this end we will continue in our endeavors to upskill staff and create opportunities for new graduates in the industry.

Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment and Corporate Social Investment

As a previously disadvantage enterprise, DEC is acutely aware of the need for empowerment of historically disadvantaged individuals. DEC has a policy providing direct financial and other assistance to deserving beneficiaries and for community upliftment. We have provided a number of bursaries to previously disadvantaged individuals for study at tertiary institutions. We will continuously give back and develop communities through our corporate social investment programme.