Corporate Social Investment


The key objective of TMF continue the legacy of Nelson Mandela in rural areas in the space of education and health. These programs were discontinued by the Nelson Mandela Foundation in a rebranding exercise, when they became the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory.

The TMF seeks to equip libraries, science laboratories and computer laboratories in schools in 3 provinces.

Key TMF Objectives

  • To promote and sustain the initial objectives of the NMF; which were infrastructure requirements in health and
  • To ensure that rural school chosen by the TMF have equipped libraries, science and computer laboratories;
  • To support youth development;
  • To support Health and HIV and Aids programs in the periphery of the NMF schools;
  • To promote rural education, safety and sports in schools;

Pride of the Rural Girl
mandelaThis is a flagship programme of the TMF which is informed by the research done by the Open Society Initiative in Southern Africa(OSISA) indicating the challenge that rural girls/learners experience during their menstruation. According to the research a girl learner in rural school misses on average fifty (50) days of schooling during her menstruation. If you take five years of schooling from Grade 8 to 12 it means each girl miss a full year of schooling. As this situation was unacceptable, the Thembekile Mandela Foundation partnered with a local sanitary towel manufacturer who supplies and distribute these sanitary towels for the targeted schools in the rural areas. The target for 2014/15 is to supply 100,000 learners/girls with sanitary towels in the `following Provinces: Mpumalanga, Eastern Cape and North West.The distribution of sanitary towels is coupled with education in the form of camps. The TMF will be starting with these camps for both girl and boy learners in 2015. These camps will address issues of teenage pregnancy, the effect of absenteeism from school, HIV and AIDS, drugs, bulling to mention but afew.

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