DEC identifies with government’s objectives of transformation, job creation, skills development, technical and business capability and capacity building, small business promotion and sustainability, and we have developed a set of robust supplier development strategies. These strategies have enabled DEC to leverage much value for local suppliers across current and previous transactions, to further develop and transfer skills in all key disciplines of projects. DEC is of the belief that any positive contribution can be made to the overall transformation agenda of South Africa and our Clients during the execution of projects.
DEC actively contributes to maximizing the share of local content for all Procurement Packages in all stages of projects, by applying several proven SD methodologies. These include the unbundling of Procurement packages to allow local suppliers more opportunities to compete, as well as facilitating the “matchmaking” between foreign suppliers and local suppliers whenever a procurement package cannot be supplied by a local supplier.

DEC focusses on 5 key areas of Supplier Development:

  • Job Creation and Preservation
  • Skills Development
  • Capability and Capacity Building
  • Small business promotion
  • Technology and IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) Transfer and Sustainability

DEC targets appropriate positions that can be assigned to youth, graduates in training and mid-level professionals in projects.


Skills Development

DEC provides skills development opportunities and on the job-mentorship, to DEC Staff, SD Partner Staff and Graduates in Training supplied by our Clients. Project team members are identified and assigned as mentors and are expected to spend at least 10% of their time mentoring the above mentioned.

As part of our commitment to Skills Development, DEC continuously ensures that key operational staff on projects receive the requisite training as a part of projects.

To further increase and develop rural business, DEC will endeavour to procure as much as possible from local suppliers in order to inject more business into these regions.

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